Why Sumie Designs?

We offer cost-friendly brand advertising which includes E-commerce, website design, development, SEO, social media marketing and print to promote your business. We also take the time to help you understand how each one of our offerings can help you grow your business and whether or not each service is right for you.Your website will be your company’s greatest asset and the image you put forward for the world to see. This can only be realized by having a website custom designed to fit your unique and changing needs.


E-Commerce has become a highly effective way to allow more people to find and purchase products and/or services.Sumie Designs' team of developers are highly experienced. We will work with you to decide what you need and find the best and most direct way to build your online sales. We offer solutions for keeping your products updated, streamlining order fulfillment, warehousing and shipping your products, and securing your data.

Web Design

With an ever-changing, ever-evolving internet, keeping up can be challenging. Your website is the first impression your company will make on customers. This is where customers decide whom to do business with, what to buy and other information that they desire. Sumie Designs will work with you to create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that showcases your business.

Social Media Marketing/Marketing

Having a well-balanced marketing plan can mean the difference between being a success and wasting money trying to play catch up to your competitors. We can help you build a balanced marketing program for maximum impact while not wasting money on unnecessary methods.

Mobile Design

We are using our smartphones and tablets more often to access the internet. Two-thirds of cell-phone owning Americans use their phones to surf the Web and check e-mail. That number has doubled from five years ago. Optimizing your website for these platforms is just as important as designing your online site.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way a website is affected using organic or non-organic tools to bring more traffic to that site. We use many different strategies to help draw traffic to your website including keyword/phrase placement.


What do you want your business to say? Branding is the way you present your company’s identity to the world. We will discuss important fact-finding questions. For example, Who are you? Who is your target audience? How do you want to be perceived? Who is your competition? We will work together to build a brand to be more than just a name or logo. We will be clear on who you are and why customers should choose your company.

Latest Additions

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Duane DuVall Photography

Duane wanted a Website that was Mobile ready and whose portfolio he could maintain himself. He now has a fast loading, responsive design that has a beautiful look and ease of use.

by Sumie Staff 77 131

Atlantic Med Supply

Atlantic Medical Supply needed an e-commerce solution that would be clean, easy to navigate and highly integrated into their inventory and shipping solutions.

by Sumie Staff 36 82

View Grill Restaurant

Chef Jeanine wanted a clean, crisp, easy to navigate site that could be easily managed with the limited time she has outside of the kitchen where she prepares her amazing dishes.

by Sumie Staff 97 154

Big Show Combine

When Brian "Big Show" Rimph, former starter for the Baltimore Ravens, wanted to build a website for his High School Combine Program which helps high school football players prepare for college, he came to Sumie Design to see his vision through.


Site Review
We will review your pre-existing site by running a series of tests. We will give you our recommendation on how you may want to correct any issues in order to improve speed and visibility to your site and to your business.
Code Review
During this procedure, our team of highly qualified developers will audit your site. We will show you areas that can be corrected to make your website function more proficiently. This check will highlight things like slow applications/code, security issues from outdated code or third party plug-ins and code vulnerability such as SQL Injections and cross site scripting.
Speed Testing
This is a process in which we will examine your site and tell you where you are losing speed. A slower site makes clients more prone to just click away and find someone else. This process includes checking speeds at the hosting center and your speed of site loading.

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Budgeting For Your Website

by Sean

Budgeting may be one of the more important pieces of information you can be armed with when deciding to design or redesign your web presence. By sharing your budget with the developer you will be able to get a better idea of what kind of "bang for your buck" is available.


Responsive Design Creates Opportunity

by Sean

The way customers interact with your web application or E-commerce website has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Your web presence needs to be viewable on a smartphone, tablet, as well as any size screen out there. Some of our larger E-commerce customers are seeing trends with close to 40% traffic on mobile and tablet platforms..