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Responsive Design Creates Opportunity

by S.S.

Responsive Design:
The way customers interact with your web application or E-commerce website has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Your web presence needs to be viewable on a smartphone, tablet, as well as any size screen out there. Some of our larger E-commerce customers are seeing trends with close to 40% traffic on mobile and tablet platforms. Responsive Design allows us to create a website that will fit the contents or products onto any media display is being used. Whether a smaller iPhone screen or a larger monitor, all the content or products looks perfectly formatted.
Over the last couple years, it has become a trend that businesses must have the ability to put their content and products online and be able to display that to the widest diversity of consumers available. This means you have to integrate into your development plan and take into consideration all smartphones and tablets. This is why we now use responsive design in all of our development projects. A non-Responsive Design mobile experience can damage your business right when you are trying to get a foothold in your industry.

There are long-term savings when you and your business use Responsive Design. Only one set of content is needed for each size media you are trying to display on. In the past, it would be necessary to create duplicates. Even more savings occur when it comes to SEO. Search Engines do not have to split the content based on different formats. Instead they are able to send all the traffic to one site and allow the site to manage what size it will display.

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